PROGRAM CURRICULUM: OR “Where’d the money go?” asked the US government

Best-laid plans and all that.

At least we now have a plan, and this is what it looks like at present. At least these are the topics to be discussed.

The proposed 10-week project curriculum includes:

  • Week One | Coping with Stress/ Personal Humor Style
  • Week Two | The Humor/Mental Health Connection
  • Week Three | Keeping a Humor Journal
  • Week Four | Destructive Humor
  • Week Five | Constructive Humor
  • Week Six | The Best Medicine: Stress and Laughter Yoga
  • Week Seven | “You’ll laugh when you hear this!” Therapy via Active Listening
  • Week Eight | “Funniest thing I ever saw!” Therapy via Active Viewing
  • Week Nine | “Laugh to keep from crying:” Applying Constructive Humor
  • Week Ten | Staying on the CONstructive Side