STRANGE BREW: Corrections & Its Library Scientists

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At MCI-Norfolk, I manage the population law & lending Libraries, the hospital Libraries, segregation law Library, and supervise 19 inmate clerks. Since 2009 I’ve blogged about this stuff on JAILFIRE.

I love correctional Librarianship. I say this with a straight face, and my primary care physician claims my frontal lobes are both intact; the psychologist certifies that my IQ teeters between So What and Slightly Above; and my workaday run-ins with sadists and sociopaths proves that I’m not yet a masochist. So I can’t blame it on any of that. I reckon guess and calculate that I truly enjoy what I do, because over three decades later I manage to stumble inside to take Just a Little More.

Currently I have a grant proposal under consideration by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. You can read about the proposal by clicking on LSTA Grant

Regarding jailhouse humor, the proverbial Den of Iniquity is only a foyer into what is known ’round our way as the population Lending Library which, apparently, is short for “We are NOT politically correct.” Click on Humor to see what I mean. But enter at your own risk. Contents are definitely an ‘R’ rating. At least.

We try our best to keep up with the shape-shifting world of correctional Library resources under Prison Library Links

The service philosophy of many correctional Librarians weighs heavily on the ‘librarian’ side. Yet, a purely library science perspective does a disservice to the inmates, to the Librarian, to corrections, and to society. I fervently believe that we need to use our librarianship to correct. The service philosophy which informs my Librarianship uses empirical evidence based in library science but tempered with correctional theory. For more on this, please see Service Philosophy

I have taught graduate students about correctional Librarianship. You can find that stuff under Online Courses

All Massachusetts correctional Librarians teach prisoners a cognitive-thinking seminar based on bibliotherapy. You can find out about our classes under ABLE MINDS

Correctional Librarians must understand for whom they’re working, and why security and correctional theory — yes, even in the Library — is paramount. For more on this, please see Security

Apparently, evidently, and obviously, this site is a work-in-progress. ¡Paciencia, mis amigos! After all, even the Holy Roman Empire wasn’t destroyed in a day. These things take time.