LIVING IN THE PAST; OR “Do they really still make books?”

We’ve just been handed $1,900 by our Education division. We ha ve to spend it on the Lending Library, and we have 12 twelve days to do it in.

There’s really no time when this happens to concentrate on DVDs and mp3 files. The quick solution is books.

This Friday, I’ll visit New England Mobile Book Fair. I’ll get there when they open at 9AM. By the time I leave at 4PM, my money will be spent.

Books, In 2013. It just doesn’t seem right.

But prisoners don’t rate Kindles and Nooks and Kobos and Google Plays. At least not yet. Security concerns still need to be ironed out before these gizmos can be allowed in. And that won’t happen until the last book in the world rolls off the press.

Still. Buying books is weird. I feel caught in a cultural time-warp. And I am, actually. It’s a time-warp called ‘prison.’